This 6 week programme is designed to get you started on the right path to feeling better. It is ideal for people who feel confident making changes with a little less support.

What's included

Initial (75 mins)

2 x 45 min follow up

In depth health & lifestyle assessment

Food diary review

Tailored nutrition & supplement plan (where appropriate)

Access to nutrition, health & lifestyle e-resources

Current medications & nutrients interaction evaluation

Personal coaching and support to make long-term, sustainable changes with confidence


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This programme is ideal for most people wanting to feel and look their best. It includes regular contact with me helps to clear overwhelm of making long term positive changes.

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This programme offers the highest level of support and is perfect for people who really value personal support and accountability.


Functional testing

I will advise the most appropriate diagnostic tests based on your symptoms & health goals. This could be blood, hormone, or gut testing to help us to understand why you have been feeling the way you have.